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A hat and some ribbons with the key words ia maita'i and ia 'oa'oa to learn wishes in Tahitian

Wishes in Tahitian – Good, Happy – Ia maita’i, ia ‘oa’oa

In this lesson, we are going to learn wishes in Tahitian: have a nice day, happy birthday, merry christmas, happy new year in Tahitian. And other expressions as well. In short, only good things. And how to say: I wish that in Tahitian.

Basic words

We are going to use 2 basic words in this lesson.

We already know this very common word Maita’i which we have learned through previous lessons:

Let’s get to know ‘Oa’oa.

Tahitian English
Maita’i Well, good, nice
‘Oa’oa Merry, cheerful

The expressions: have a nice day, good night, happy birthday, merry christmas, happy new year in Tahitian

In this second chapter, we get to the heart of the lesson : wishes in Tahitian. So, bluntly here are these expressions. In green, the words we already know.

English Tahitian
Have a nice day Ia maita’i i teie mahana
Good night (literally, sleep well) Ta’oto maita’i
Good weekend. Have a nice week end Ia maita’i i teie hôpe’a hepetoma
Happy celebration Ia ‘oa’oa i teie ôro’a
Happy birthday Ia ‘oa’oa ‘oe i to ‘oe ôro’a fānauraa
Merry Christmas Ia ‘oa’oa i te ôro’a noera
Happy Easter Ia ‘oa’oa i te ôro’a pāta
Happy New Year Ia ‘oa’oa i te matahiti âpī

The already known vocabulary

We recognize the particle i of the lesson Particle I in Tahitian – Location, time, object, achievement – Ia as well as the following vocabulary:

Tahitian English
Teie mahana This day
‘Oe You (singular)
To ‘oe Your (singular)
Te The
Fānau To give birth, to bring into the world, to give birth, to beget, to procreate
Te matahiti The year
Âpī New, young, fresh for food

The new vocabulary

Let’s discover the new vocabulary:

Tahitian English
‘Oa’oa Merry, cheerful
Ta’oto To sleep
Te hôpe’a The end, the last, the conclusion
Te ôro’a The celebration (religious)
Te fānauraa The birth
Te ôro’a fānauraa The birthday (literally, the birthday celebration)
Noera Christmas
Te ôro’a noera The Christmas celebration
Pāta Easter
Te ôro’a pāta The Easter celebration

Grammatical constructions

Say the celebration of … in Tahitian

We observe the following repetition:

Tahitian English
Te ôro’a … The celebration of …

The particle Ia, the wish particle

Also, we notice that each wish phrase begins with Ia. Some of you will tell me: is it a particle? And yes, Ia is indeed a particle. We have already met it in the lesson: Particle I in Tahitian – Location, time, object, achievement – Ia

Ia is the particle of the wish.

Particle Detail
Ia Particle of the wish that introduces the expression I wish / I do not wish

The grammatical construction of the affirmative form is as follows.

Function Detail Grammatical construction
The wish I wish that IA + VERB + (SUBJECT) + COMPLEMENT

The subject is in parenthesis because the 2 sentences exist: with subject and without subject.

Let’s explain the expressions in more detail.

Tahitian English
Ia ‘oa’oa’ outou i te matahiti âpī Happy New Year !

Literally, I wish you were happy during the New Year. Particle i has the function of a time particle.

As a reminder :

Tahitian English
‘Outou You (plural)

We will see, in a next lesson, the negative form.

Ia as in Ia ora na

Some of you have noticed that the expressions we have just learned start with Ia as in Ia ora na.

Tahitian English
Ia ora na Hello
Ia I wish that
Ora Live

We will see in a next lesson Na.

Let’s take stock

Finally, with this lesson, we learned 20 words or vocabulary expressions on wishes in Tahitian. We now know how to say good day, good night, wish happy holidays.

See you soon for a next lesson!