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Weather in Tahitian

In this new lesson, we will learn the weather vocabulary in Tahitian.

What’s the point of talking about rain and shine? And moreover in Tahitian?

  • To initiate the conversation
  • To know the weather forecast – in other words, to understand the weather forecast on TV or radio

The weather in Tahitian

Basic vocabulary

In this first part, let’s see the basic vocabulary:

English Tahitian
The sky Te ra’i, te reva
The weather Te huru o te reva

Te huru o te mata’i e te miti

To answer what question?

English Tahitian
What weather is it ? E mea aha te mahana?E aha te huru o te reva?

Describe the weather in easy mode

In this second part, let’s learn to say:

  • it’s windy, it’s raining, it’s sunny. And more …
  • or it’s hot, it’s cold, it’s humid

In Tahitian, the constructions to describe the weather are as follows:

  • there is no …
  • there is a little … / it is a little …
  • there is … / it is …
  • there are a lot of … / it is very …

The constructions are similar: according to which one seeks to describe via:

  • A name (wind, sun, rain)
  • An adjective (hot, cold, wet)

Via a name (wind, sun, rain)

English There is no … There is a little … There is … There is a lot of …
Tahitian Aita e … E mea … rii E mea… E mea pūai te …
Wind = Mata’i Aita e mata’i E mea mata’i rii E mea mata’i E mea pūai te mata’i
Sun = Mahana Aita e mahana E mea mahana rii E mea mahana E mea pūai te mahana
Rain = Ua Aita e ua E mea ua riiUa tōrīrī te ua (it’s raining a little bit) E uaTē ua nei E mea pūai te ua

Small vocabulary part:

English Tahitian
The wind Te mata’i
The sun, the day Te mahana
The rain, to rain
Te ua, ua
There is no … Aita e …
Adjective construction E mea
Little Rii
Strong, mighty, strength, power Pūai
Very, completely, downright, straightforward, long Roa
In little rain Tōrīrī

Via an adjective (hot, cold, wet)

English It’s nice out It is a little … It is … It is very …
Tahitian E mea haumārū
E mea … rii E mea… E mea… roa
Hot = Ve’ave’a E mea haumārū E mea ve’ave’a rii E mea ve’ave’a E mea ve’ave’a roa
Cold = To’eto’e E mea haumārū E mea to’eto’e rii E mea to’eto’e E mea to’eto’e roa
Wet = Haumi E mea haumārū E mea haumi rii E mea haumi
E mea haumi roa

Ditto, small vocabulary part:

English Tahitian
Fresh, refreshing (only to qualify the weather) Haumārū
Cold, to be cold To’eto’e
Humid Haumi

Describe the sky in intermediate mode

Previously, we saw that describing the weather is quite simple. In this third part, to describe the sky, it gets complicated, there are expressions for each case.

English Tahitian
The weather is nice E mea maita’i
The sky is clear E mea āteatea te ra’i
The sky is covered ‘Ua tāpo’ipo’i te ra’i
It’s cloudy ‘Ua haapōiri te ra’i‘Ua rumaruma te ra’i

Again, third and last vocabulary part:

English Tahitian
Good, nice Maita’i
Unobstructed, bright, spacious Āteatea
Covered Tāpo’ipo’i
Darken Haapōiri
Dark Rumaruma

We already know:

And after ?

With this lesson, we have just learned the weather vocabulary in Tahitian. And also, we learned 55 vocabulary words and expressions.