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Interrogative pronouns in Tahitian – Who, what, where…

In this new lesson, we will learn (revise and complete) the interrogative pronouns in Tahitian.

What’s an interrogative pronoun already?

This is what we use to ask a question, in other words to transform our sentence in an interrogative form with mainly: Who, What, Where, When, How, How much, Why.

Interrogative pronouns

In this first part, I openly reveal the interrogative words in Tahitian.

English Tahitian
Who? ‘O vai?
What? E aha?
Where? I hea?
When? A hea / E aha te taime?

I nahea, a hea ra (in the past)?

How? Na hea?
How much? E hia?
Why? No te aha?

With examples, it’s better – Let’s revise!

  • If you are already following us with previous lessons, this chapter will serve as a revision. We will take exactly the same examples as seen before, to help revive your memories
  • If you join us in this lesson, welcome, links will be added to allow you to take advantage of this theme to discover the previous lessons

Come on, it’s reva! (translation: let’s go)

Who – ‘O vai

Small example from the lesson: Introduce yourself in Tahitian – I, you, he – Vau, au – Who

English Tahitian
Who are you? ‘O vai ‘oe?
   I am Hina    ‘O Hina vau
   I am Mere    ‘O Mere au

You’re starting to remember: vau and au. You have to be careful with the last letter of the word before vau and au, etc.

What – E aha

Small dialogue from the lesson: My name is in Tahitian – My, your, his – To’u, ta’u

English Tahitian
What’s your name? E aha to ‘oe i’oa?
   My name is Hina    ‘O Hina to ‘u i’oa
And you, what’s your name? E ‘oe, e aha to ‘oe i’oa?
   Me, my name is Mere    ‘O vau, ‘o Mere to ‘u i’oa

Where – I hea

These exchanges come from the lesson: Where are you from in Tahitian – Where are you going – Mai, atu

English Tahitian
Where are you from? (country) No hea ‘oe?
   I’m from Tahiti    No Tahiti au
   I’m from Paris, from France    No Pari au, no te fenua Farāni
   I’m from the Marquesas Islands    No te fenua Enata vau
Where are you from? (start location) No hea mai ‘oe ?
   I come from Tahiti (start location)    No Tahiti mai au
Where do you come from? (step on your journey) Na hea mai ‘oe ?
   I come from the city (I passed through the city to here)    Na te ‘oire mai au
   I’m from Tahiti (I passed through Tahiti to here)    Na Tahiti mai au
Where are you going? Tē haere ra ‘oe i hea ?
   I’m going to the sea    Tē haere ra vau i tai

How much – E hia

A quick reminder of the Tahitian lesson: Counting in Tahitian – Numbers – How much

English Tahitian
How much ? How many ? E hia ?
How many children do you have ? E hia tamarii to ‘oe ?
   3 childrens    E toru
How old are you ? E hia matahiti to ‘oe ?
   18 years old    E ‘ahuru mā va’u matahiti
How much is this ? E hia moni tera ?
   1000 Francs    E hōê tauatini farāne

Before you start the next part, if you need to re-read and re-revise the pronouns of past lessons, don’t hesitate, take your time!

Let’s learn new interrogative pronouns in Tahitian

In this third part, we will learn 3 new interrogative words: When, how, why.

When – A hea

I suggest a little dialogue to get to know A hea.

Tahitian       English
A hea ‘o Hina e ho’i mai i Tahiti? When will Hina return to Tahiti?
   I te matahiti i mua    Next year
A hea ‘o Hina e ho’i atu i Farāni? When will Hina leave for France?
   I te hepetoma i mua    Next week

The vocabulary words in this text are:

Tahitian       English
A hea? When?
Ho’i Come back, return, go home
Ho’i mai Return toward the speaker is (the enunciator)
Ho’i atu Go back away from the place where the speaker is (the enunciator)
Farāni France
Te matahiti The year
Te matahiti i mua Next year
Te hepetoma The week
Te hepetoma i mua Next week

You remember:

How – Na hea

With this exchange in question/answer, here’s Na hea

Tahitian       English
Na hea ‘oe e haere? How are you going to go?
   Na ni’a i te pereoo    By car (on top of the car)

The vocabulary words are:

Tahitian       English
Na hea? How?
Haere To go
Ni’a Above, on
Pereoo Car

Why – No te aha

Finally, here’s No te aha.

Tahitian       English
No te aha ‘oe e haere? Why are you going?
   No te haere i te haapiiraa    To go to school

The words of vocabulary

Tahitian       English
No te aha? Why?
Haere To go
Te haapiiraa School

Let’s recap

Finally, with this lesson, we learned how to say interrogative pronouns in Tahitian: Who, What, Where, When, How, How much, Why. We already knew a part, we got to know When, how, why. We also learned 24 words and phrases.

See you soon for a new lesson!