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Egg, butter and milk to learn how to say ingredients in Tahitian

The ingredients in Tahitian

In this new lesson, we will learn the vocabulary of ingredients in Tahitian.

This lesson is dedicated to all those who already, are going or will give a helping hand in the kitchen of a Tahitian family. Very quickly, Tahitian words mingle. This lesson is for you!

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Ingredients in Tahitian

Let’s start at the beginning, here’s how to say ingredients in Tahitian.

English Tahitian
Ingredients Te âno’i

I have divided the ingredients according to where they can be found and their nature:

  • in the pantry
  • in the fresh section (fridge, freezer, or to consume quickly, like bread)
  • fruits and vegetables: a lesson is already online The fruits and vegetables in Tahitian
  • meats and fishes

1) The pantry

First, let’s learn how to say pantry.

English Tahitian
The cupboard, the pantry Te vairaa māa

In my cupboards

In this first part, I share with you what I have in my cupboards:

English Tahitian Details
The flour Te faraoa ota Te faraoa = The bread

Ota = Raw

The rice Te raiti (from English, rice)
Beans Te pipi
Lentils Te pipi hiri Hiri = Vegetal brown-red color
Soybeans Te pipi tupu Tupu = To grow, to germinate, to occur, to take place
Peas Te furi
Peas Te furi na’ina’i Na’ina’i = Little, small
Chickpeas Te furi tite
The corn Te tō popaā Te tō = The sugar cane

Popaā = White skin people

The couscous Te cuscus
The soup Te tihopu (from English, soup)

To put on your toast

For your breakfasts and snacks, here is what you can put on your toast:

English Tahitian
The chocolate Te tōtōrā
The honey Te meri

Condiments: make your sauces and preparations in Tahitian

For what we find in our cupboards and which are used to make sauces and preparations, here is the Tahitian vocabulary:

English Tahitian Details
The sugar Te tihota (from English, sugar)
The table salt Te miti popaā Te miti = The sea

Popaā = White skin people

The pepper Te pēpa
The vanilla Te vānira (from English, vanilla)
The oil Te hinu
The vinegar Te vinita
The mustard Te tinapi

The sauces

We may also wonder how to say sauce in Tahitian, as well as the different sauces, here is the answer:

English Tahitian Details
The sauce Te miti, te pape Te miti = The sea

Te pape = The water

The tomato sauce Te pape tōmāti Te tōmāti = The tomato
The coconut water Te pape haari Te haari = The coconut
The coconut milk Te miti haari
The fermented coconut milk Te miti hue Hue = To carelessly throw away, to mess up, to get rid of

Add sugar or add salt: know how to say it in Tahitian

We learned how to say sugar and salt, let’s also learn how to say add sugar and add salt in Tahitian:

English Tahitian
Add sugar Tātihota
Add salt Tāmiti

2) The fresh section

As for the fresh section, here is the vocabulary:

English Tahitian Details
The bread Te faraoa
The cake, the pie Te faraoa momona Momona = Sweet, tasty, the candy
The biscuits Te faraoa paapaa Paapaa = Burnt, the sea crab or river crab
The egg, the seed, the tablet Te huero
The chicken egg Te huero moa Te moa = The chicken
The butter Te pata (from English, butter)
The cheese Te pata paari Paari = Wise, adult, mature, experienced, mature (person, fruit), hard, tough
The pâté Te pātē
The milk Te ū
The cream Te hinu paari

Say butter in Tahitian

After learning how to say butter in Tahitian, let’s learn how to say butter in Tahitian:

English Tahitian
To butter Parai

The drinks

Here are the drinks in Tahitian:

English Tahitian Details
The water Te pape
The fruit juice Te pape monamona, te vaiharo Monamona = see momona
The soda Te inu monamona, te pape monamona Te inu = The drink, to drink

For alcoholic drinks, the following lesson is for you: Hinano, Tahitian beer – Please in Tahitian

The freezer

In the fresh section, we find the following ingredients that freeze:

English Tahitian Details
The ice Te pape to’eto’e Te pape = The water

To’eto’e = Cold

The ice cream Te ū paari Te ū = The milk

Paari = Wise, adult, mature, experienced, mature (person, fruit), hard, tough

The french fries Te ‘umara pūtete farai Te ‘umara = The sweet potato

Te ‘umara pūtete = The potato

Farai = Fried

3) Meats and fish

Among the ingredients, there are also meat and fish. Here they are in Tahitian:

English Tahitian Details
The meat Te îna’i
The chicken (the hen, the rooster) Te moa
The chicken thigh Te huha moa Te huha = The thigh
The beef Te puaatoro
The corned beef Te punu puaatoro Punu = Canned
The veal Te puaatoro fanau’a Fanau’a = The offspring of an animal
The turkey Te ra’oro
The pig Te puaa
The ham Te hāmu (from English, jam)
The sausage, the sausage meat Te puaa tāviri Te tāviri = The key, the mill
The fish Te i’a

The different types of fish, crustaceans and seafood that are eaten

In Tahiti, we eat fish more often than meat.

Here are different common fish species, as well as shellfish and seafood.

English Tahitian
The fish Te i’a
The tuna Te aahi
The bonito Te ‘auhopu
The sea bream Te mahimahi
The red mullet Te ‘iihi
The soldier fish (red in color) Te âpa’i
The swordfish Te ha’urā
The parrot fish Te pahoro
The grouper Te tarao
The fish close to horse mackerel Te ature
The fry fish Te einaa
The orange-spurred nasson Te ume
The carangids Te paihere
The ballista Te ô’iri
The freshwater shrimp Te ôura pape
The lobster Te ôura miti
The land crab Te tupa
The black sea urchin (long thorns) Te vana
The orange sea urchin (small thorns) Te hāva’e

And after ?

With this lesson, we have just learned the vocabulary of ingredients in Tahitian. And also, we learned 106 words and vocabulary expressions.