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Learn how to say if in Tahitian and if ... then in Tahitian

If in Tahitian, if … then in Tahitian – The assumption – Particle ‘Ahiri – Ia

In this lesson, we will learn how to say if in Tahitian, if… then and the particle of the assumption ‘ahiri.

Say if in Tahitian

In this first chapter, we will learn how to say if, if… then.

If in Tahitian

Straightforward, here are the grammatical constructions of this lesson:

Function Detail Simple grammatical construction
The assumption Affimative ‘AHIRI + SUBJECT + I + VERB

If … then in Tahitian

In the second proposition, the use of the anaphoric ia is translated by then. It makes the link between the 2 propositions.

We will see the detail of this anaphoric ia in a future lesson.

Function Detail Complex grammatical construction
The assumption Affimative ‘AHIRI + SUBJECT + I + VERB, VERB + IA + SUBJECT

The ‘Ahiri particle

I introduce you to the particle ‘Ahiri.

Particle Detail
‘Ahiri Particle of the assumption, it introduces an event that has not occurred yet


In this second chapter, let’s illustrate with examples:

Tahitian English
‘Ahiri ‘o Hina i haere mai e tāia, ua roaa ia ‘o na te mau i’a If Hina had come fished, she would have caught fishes
‘Ahiri te mīmī i haere i rāpae, ua roaa iao na te mau ‘iore If the cat had gone outside, it would have caught mice
‘Ahiri ‘oe aita i ho’i mai, ua haere ia ‘u e ‘imi ia ‘oe If you hadn’t come home, I would have gone to get you
‘Ahiri ‘oe aita i pāhono i ta’u niuniu, e māuiui ia to’u māfatu If you hadn’t answered the phone, I would have had a heartache

The already known vocabulary

The already known vocabulary is as follows, it appears in green. Grammatical constructions appear in red.

The new vocabulary

Here is the new vocabulary:

Tahitian English
Te niuniu The wire, the telephone, to call on the phone

And after ?

With this lesson we have just learned to say if, if… then. And also, we learned 10 vocabulary words and expressions.