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First 30 verbs in Tahitian

In this lesson, we will learn our first 30 verbs in Tahitian.

The aim of this lesson is to strengthen our vocabulary in order to make complete sentences. And for that, we need to acquire more vocabulary for verbs.

To be and to have in Tahitian

Tahitian is a special language because there is no direct translation for the verbs to be and to have. And to be and to have in Tahitian have no auxiliary function.

To be and to have Matching
To be The closest equivalent for to be is: Vai

In the expression Tē vai nei / Tē vai ra

This, that, these, those in Tahitian – Teie, tena, tera – Tē vai nei, tē vai ra

To have The closest equivalent for to have is: To ‘u/Ta ‘u with the expression of the possessive

 My name is in Tahitian – My, your, his – To’u, ta’u

The verbs in Tahitian

Here are our first 30 verbs in Tahitian:

Tahitian English
Haere To go, to come, to evolve, to become
Haere mai To come (literally, go to here)
Haere atu To go (literally, go there)
Reva To leave
Tere To move for a vehicle, to travel, going well for trade, fast
‘Amu To eat, to consume
Inu To drink
Here To love
Au To like, to apreciate
‘Ite To see, to know
Faa’ite To let people see, to let people know, to show, to indicate
Hāmani To make
Parau To talk, to say, speech, history, narrative, text, word, paper
Faaroo To hear, to listen, to obey, faith, belief, religion
Tai’o To read, to count
Rave To take, to seize, to get hold of, to act, to do,  to have sex
Hōro’a To give, to hand over, to transmit, donation
Fārii To receive, to welcome, to accept, container
Mana’o To think, to have an idea, an opinion, an opinion, thought, opinion, opinion, idea
Feruri To think, to meditate
Hi’o To watch, to observe with attention, glass, mirror
Hinaaro To desire, to want, to wish, desire, will, wish
Hoo mai To buy
Hoo atu To sell
Haapii mai To learn
Haapii atu To teach
Faa’ohipa To use, to implement
Rave i te ‘ohipa To work
‘Imi To search
Ani To ask
Pāhono To answer

And then what?

Great! We have just learned 32 words and vocabulary expressions about Tahitian verbs.