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Tahitian Christmas tree

In this cultural article, we will talk about the Tahitian Christmas tree: its existence, the particular case of the ‘aito, when to install it and how to decorate it. There are Christmas trees in Tahiti To those who think that in Tahiti, there are only coconut and palm trees, or that Christmas trees only grow …

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Firi firi recipe

We meet again for a cultural article. The topic of the day is the Firi firi’s recipe. What’s a firi firi? A firi firi is what the donut is in the USA, but for Tahitians. A firi firi is a donut often shaped as an 8 (but it is not mandatory). On Sunday mornings, Tahitians …

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In Tahiti, the FIU is essential

In Tahiti, the FIU is essential. You have just arrived at the airport in Tahiti and the first thing you hear is FIU. Don’t worry, we’re not invaded by aliens, it’s just a Tahitian expression, but when I think about it, it’s much more than that. Come on, we’re telling you everything! In this cultural …

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