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A cat and a dog to learn the animals vocabulary in Tahitian

The animals in Tahitian

This lesson is the key for you to open the animal word in Tahitian with the vocabulary of animals living on earth, in the sky, in the sea.

I precise that in this lesson, I will not include the fish vocabulary. In fact, in Tahiti, each fish species has its little name !


Of course, let’s start learning how to say :

English Tahitian
The animal Te ‘animara

Animals living on earth

In this second chapter, here is the vocabulary of animals living on earth.

English Tahitian
The dog Te ‘urī
The cat Te mīmī
The mouse Te ‘iore
The fowl Te moa (veut dire aussi : le poulet, le pénis)
The pig Te puaa
The horse Te puaahorofenua
The cow Te puaatoro
The goat Te puaaniho
The sheep Te māmoe
The lezard Te moo

Animals living in the sky

In this third chapter, let’s list animals from the sky.

English Tahitian
The bird Te manu
The mosquito Te naonao
The fly Te ra’o
The gnat (which sting is painful) Te nono
The bee Te manu pātia
The wasp Te manu pātia

Animals living in the sea

In this new chapter, let’s discover sea animals.

English Tahitian
The fish Te i’a
The flying fish Te mārara
The dolphin Te ôu’a
The whale Te tohorā
The ray Te fai
The manta ray Te fāfā piti
The shark Te ma’o
The starfish Te taramea
The shrimp Te ôura pape
The lobster  Te ôura miti
The sea crab or river crab Te paapaa
The eel, the moray eel Te puhi
The octopus Te fee
The turtle Te honu

To discover

As I write this lesson, I think of the yellow lezard of Moorea legend.

Tahitian English
Moo The lezard
Rea (de re’are’a) Yellow
Moorea Name of the island next to Tahiti

For those who wish to discover this legend (in French), here is the link : Legende moorea

And the next lesson ?

With this lesson, we learned the animals vocabulary in Tahitian. And also, we learned 34 words and expressions in Tahitian. In the next lesson, we will learn the fruits and vegetables vocabulary.